Slip-and-Fall Accidents Can Be Serious And Deadly

Accidents involving a slip, trip or fall are common and, in most cases, these types of accidents and any resulting injuries are relatively minor. At times, however, injuries stemming from slips, trips and falls end up being much more serious and can leave an individual suffering disabling injuries and chronic pain.

When accidents occur on private or public property, it may be appropriate to take legal action and file a premises liability lawsuit. If a slip-and-fall accident left you with broken bones, a traumatic brain injury or a debilitating back injury, it's important to reach out to an attorney who can help determine if negligence is a contributing factor. For more than 20 years, the Law Offices of Harout Balian has fought for the injured.

Was Negligence A Factor In Your Slip And Fall?

Dangerous and hazardous conditions that are commonly cited as causing or contributing to slip-and-fall accidents include:

  • Spilled substances that are allowed to remain on the floor and make it slippery
  • Objects which may obstruct walkways or aisles and create trip hazards
  • Poorly lit parking lots or other public areas that can create hazardous conditions, making trips and falls more likely
  • Uneven surfaces which may be difficult to detect and traverse, and can create a dangerous environment in which trips, slips and falls are likely to occur

While anyone can suffer painful and serious injuries after a slip, trip or fall, individuals who are elderly or who suffer from physical ailments are especially at risk. At the Law Offices of Harout Balian, we work diligently to recover compensation so you can focus on healing and not on the mounting medical bills.

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