Recover Compensation After A Neck, Back Or Spinal Injury

From stiffness and soreness to sharp shooting and throbbing pain: Neck, back and spinal injuries are among some of the most common and potentially serious types of injuries that are commonly suffered in motor vehicle and slip-and-fall accidents. At best, these types of injuries result in an individual being forced to cope with temporary limited mobility and not being able to participate in normal daily activities. At worst, an individual may be paralyzed or forced to endure years of severe chronic pain.

If you suspect that the negligent actions of a driver or property owner are to blame for your neck, back or spinal cord injury, call the Law Offices of Harout Balian today. Personal injury cases are the only types of cases we handle, and we have built an impressive reputation for helping injured clients recover compensation and regain control of their lives and futures.

Spinal Cord And Paralysis Injuries

At times, the true extent of an injury may not be fully apparent until days or even weeks later. When it comes to injuries involving the spinal cord, however, the full scope of the injury is often immediately apparent.

The location and severity of a spinal cord injury determines whether an individual will be paralyzed from the waist or neck down. In both cases, individuals who suffer spinal cord injuries in car, motorcycle or fall-related accidents must relearn how to complete even basic tasks, and must often rely heavily upon the assistance of family members or a residential nurse.

After An Accident, You Can Rely On Us

In addition to the hefty costs related to medical care, lost wages, disability and long-term care, neck, back and spinal cord injuries also take a heavy personal toll on victims and their family members. At the Law Offices of Harout Balian, we will fight for you and your right to recover compensation. Call an attorney at our Glendale office at 888-346-7088 or contact us online. All initial consultations are free of charge — and se habla español.