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The backbone of your civil claim after suffering a back injury

Back injuries are some of the most common injuries suffered in car accidents. While these range in complexity and severity, there are cases in which an accident victim could suffer a life-altering injury to his or her back. Spinal cord injuries can be remarkably complex, but they are always serious and always require specialized care.

Extra caution needed at intersections, ramps and bike lanes

Whether you're part of the daily California commute traffic or merely venture out on highways from time to time, it's no secret that any time you get behind the wheel of a motor vehicle (or travel as a passenger or pedestrian for that matter) you're at risk for a collision. In recent years, increased speed limits and new distractions (i.e. hand-held electronic devices) have upped the average motorist's chances of getting into an accident.

Have you ever thought about how brain injuries are classified?

Not many people do until they experience a traumatic brain injury and they await a diagnosis and prognosis from a doctor. You likely already understand that any impact to your brain could cause you potential problems in the future, and that your chances of recovery are greater if doctors do not consider the injury severe.

Why motorcycle crashes happen and the rights of accident victims

Motorcycle accidents have the potential to cause serious damage and inflict serious injuries on victims. If you suffered injuries in an accident while you were driving or riding a motorcycle, you know how the damage can be much more than skin-deep. From the physical injuries you are dealing with to the emotional trauma, the impact of your accident can be long reaching. 

The serious risk of distraction when using a hands-free device

There are many ways that technology makes lives better and easier. Advances in technology can make things safer than ever before, but often, these so-called advances can actually put more people in harm's way. One of the items that can do more harm than good is the hands-free device, a popular choice for many California drivers. 

Car accidents may lead to neck, back injury

As you drive to town on a seemingly ordinary day, you listen to music or contemplate the day's affairs. However, as you start to navigate a curve that you have traveled a hundred times, your experience this time is different. Another driver's car heads toward you and strikes your car before you even have the chance to pull to the shoulder of the road.

Bicycling: Tips To Avoid Becoming An Accident Statistic

In the last decade, bicycling has enjoyed a renewed popularity in cities throughout the United States. To keep pace with the increased number of both recreational and commuter bicyclists, many cities in California, including Glendale and the surrounding communities, have invested millions of dollars in infrastructure to build and improve bike lanes in an attempt to reduce the number of traffic accidents in which bicyclists are injured and killed. Unfortunately, despite such efforts, every year thousands of bicyclists are injured and hundreds killed throughout the state.

Motorcycle crash injuries and a need for financial realignment

With summer weather rolling in, you might decide it is time to break out the motorcycle and enjoy the breeze. Whether for enjoyment or as a favorite means of transportation, there is a certain level of freedom involved with riding a motorcycle. However, with less in the way of protective barriers compared to other vehicles, there is also a certain level of risk.

Why Are So Many Pedestrians Dying?

Imagine that you’re walking across the street on your way to work or the store when out of nowhere a distracted driver turns into the crosswalk and hits you. Unfortunately, this and similar scenarios of drivers failing to see and yield to pedestrians happen all too often in the Golden State as national statistics rank California as having the highest number of pedestrian fatalities.

Is whiplash considered to be a serious car accident injury?

If you were involved in a car accident in California and suffered an injury to the neck, you know how painful these types of injuries can be. Whiplash, one of the most common types of neck trauma, does not generally fall into the category of a serious injury, but it is possible that it could have a very serious impact on your life.

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