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Motor vehicle accidents involving pedestrians are up in state

California is a beautiful state, with numerous roads and highways alongside some stunningly scenic sites. These roads are enjoyed daily by motorists, bicyclists and pedestrians. While vehicles, motorcycles, bicycles and people often share the roadways without incident, there are times when unfortunate incidents occur. Motor vehicle accidents involving pedestrians are particularly dangerous. Pedestrian safety is a serious issue, particularly in communities where walking is encouraged.

4 injured in car accident involving suspected drunk driver

Thousands of motorists travel on California roads and highways every day. The majority of them reach their destinations safely without incident. However, traffic accidents frequently occur when speed and alcohol are factors. Four travelers were recently injured in a car accident after a suspected drunk driver crashed into their vehicle.

Traffic accident claims life of woman in Murrieta

The majority of California drivers have likely exceeded the speed limit at some point while behind the wheel. In many cases, speeding drivers don't create problems on the roadways. However, speeding can lead to traffic accidents with damage to vehicles or injury to drivers and passengers. A Murrieta woman died after a recent crash where speeding is suspected.

Traffic accident claims lives of 2 adults, 2 children

Having a car overheat is a common problem on California highways. Drivers often pull over to the side of the highway to allow time for the car to cool down. As one driver was dealing with this issue recently, the situation turned to tragedy after a traffic accident.

Child suffers spinal injury in accident caught on video

Following a harrowing accident, many may feel grateful to be alive. However, in some cases, the injuries suffered in those accidents can make life difficult and painful, especially if one suffers a spinal injury. One California family is rejoicing after surviving a near-fatal accident but concerned for the future that may result from their injuries.

Practical tips for after a car crash

California residents are not at all unfamiliar with busy roads and therefore know that motor vehicle accidents can and do happen. However, knowing this in one's mind and actually experiencing it can be two very different things. In fact, it is not uncommon for a person to become so flustered after a crash that they forget some of the things that are most important for them to do. For this reason, reviewing a post-crash strategy occasionally is a good idea.

Six-year-old boy injured by drunk hit-and-run driver

The State of California represents the melting pot of the United States as much or more than any other state in the nation. Between bordering Mexico on the south and being the gateway to the Pacific on the west, this is an understandable and often wonderful reality. However, some people may be concerned when those that come into the United States from other countries do not act in ways that respect the lives of others who are here. 

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